Creating an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compartment

Oracle Integration instances use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as their underlying infrastructure. To create an Oracle Integration instance, you must first create a compartment, unless you want to create the instance in the root compartment.

See Managing Compartments.

You can create a new compartment or use an existing compartment.

You must have permission to create and delete compartments. See Configuring the Ability to Create and Delete Compartments.

  1. Go to the hamburger menu menu.

  2. Under Governance and Administration, select Identity, then Compartments.

    A list of the compartments in your tenancy is displayed.

  3. Select the compartment in which you want to create your instance or create a new compartment.

    To create a new compartment:

    1. Click Create Compartment to create the compartment to use for creating an instance.

    2. Enter the following:

      • Name: Enter a name that is unique across all compartments in your tenancy (maximum 100 characters, including letters, numbers, periods, hyphens, and underscores). For example, enter a name such as OICCompartment.

      • Description: Enter a description for this compartment.

      • Tags: Enter tags to organize and list resources based on your business needs. See Managing Tags and Tag Namespaces.

    3. Click Create Compartment.

      Return to the navigation pane.