Configuring the Ability to Create and Delete Compartments

As the account owner, extend permission to selected administrators to create or delete compartments.

  1. Click Navigation menu icon in the top left corner.
  2. From the Governance and Administration category, choose Identity, then Federation.

    The Federation screen is shown, and includes the identity provider, called OracleIdentityCloudService. This is the default federation between the Oracle Identity Cloud Service stripe and the OCI tenancy in a cloud account. Note that this screen may show more than the default identity provider.

  3. Select the OracleIdentityCloudService link to view the default Oracle Identity Cloud Service identity federation.
  4. Select Groups from the Resources options.
  5. Locate a group with the entry OCI_Administrators (IDCS group) in the Group Name column and Administrators in the OCI Mapped Group column.

    This mapping represents the highest level permissions for the tenancy. Members of either group are assigned these permissions.


    Alternately, you can select the Administrators OCI group if you decide to create an OCI only user, and not a federated user.

  6. Add administrators you want to grant permission to create and delete compartments. Select OCI_Administrators to add an administrator to the IDCS group or click Administrators to add one to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure group. You can select either the IDCS or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure group.