• Image Family: Oracle Linux 7.x
  • Operating System: Oracle Linux
  • Kernel Version: 4.14.35-1844.2.5.el7uek.x86_64
  • CUDA Version: 10.0.130-1
  • cuDNN Version: 7.3.1
  • Release Date: Feb. 21, 2019

Release Notes:

  • Includes updates for Yum repository modularization, for more information see:
  • Includes the addition of a new config option, 3,  to /etc/oci-hostname.conf which does the following:
    • Preserves user changes to hostname and /etc/hosts
    • Populates /etc/resolv.conf with the dhclient returned search domain, the FQDN derived VCN, and the subnet domains.
  • Includes a script fix for the dhclient exit hook.
  • Includes the iscsid service's restart policy configured to always by default to improve resiliency.
  • Includes oci-utils version 0.9 with the following updates:
    • Enhanced oci-metadata for keys to only return the key value.
    • Fix to address issue where cleanup utility does not preserve the permissions and ownership details for file.

For details on additional packages added or changed, see the changelog located at

Image OCIDs

Region OCID
us-ashburn-1 ocid1.image.oc1.iad.aaaaaaaab5l5wv7njknupfxvyynplhsygdz67uhfaz35nsnhsk3ufclqjaea
us-phoenix-1 ocid1.image.oc1.phx.aaaaaaaahu7hv6lqbdyncgwehipwsuh3htfuxcoxbl4arcetx6hzixft366a