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Skill Analytics

Use this dashboard’s reports to gauge how well your published skills complete conversations both on an individual basis and as a group.

View the Total Conversations Report

You can access this report by choosing Analytics from the left menu.

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Use it to return the following key performance indicators (KPIs) for all of the skills currently in production (or a selection of those skills) for a given period:
  • Total Conversations—the overall number of conversations, segmented by completed or incomplete.
  • Completed Conversations—A ranking of the selected skills by the number of completed conversations.
  • Incomplete Conversations—A ranking of the selected skills by the number of incomplete conversations. Customers may not have completed these conversations because they lost interest, or because they were blocked by errors handled by the system (not the skill itself), timeouts, or infinite loops caused by flaws in the skill definition. For each skill, the report provides an overall count of timeouts, system-handled errors, and infinite loops for the period. To illustrate how much these factors contributed to a skill’s overall failure, the report renders a pie chart.

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View the How Are My Skills Performing? Report

Use this report to see the conversation completion rate for all of the skills for selected period and on a per-skill basis.

Individual Skills

Use this report to find out how the skills compare to one another in terms of the completion rate, the number completed conversations taken against the total conversations for the period.

For each skill, the report renders the Performance History spark line chart, a tool for assessing if the skill’s completion rate has increased, decreased, or remained stable for the period.

The report includes other factors that influence the skill’s performance during this period: the number of errors (system-handled errors, infinite loops, timeouts) and unresolved intents. For these, the report counts the number of intents that couldn’t resolve to the confidence threshold for all of incomplete conversations during the period.

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Overall Ecosystem

You can review the performance trends for all of the selected skills using the Overall Ecosystem report's stacked area chart. It contrasts the completed conversations for the period against conversations that customers couldn’t complete because of unresolved intents (or other problems) and the conversations that remained incomplete because they were abandoned by customers.

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View the How Are Users Interacting with Skills? Report

This popularity report compares the customer traffic on the different channels routed to each skill for the selected period. Description of analytics_how_users_interact_with_skills.png follows