Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Sample Digital Assistant and Skills

To get you familiar with the skill and digital assistant builders, as well as some of the techniques used to create dialog flows, intents, and entities, we’ve provided you with a sample digital assistant and some sample skills. You can use them as references as you build your own.

The following digital assistant is included. You can access it by clicking icon to open the side menu to open the side menu and select Development > Digital Assistants.

Digital Assistant Description
DA_CbPizza_Wine A digital assistant containing the CbPizza and Wine sample skills.

The following sample skills are included. You can access them by clicking icon to open the side menu to open the side menu and select Development > Skills.

Skill Description
PizzaBot Shows you the basics of bot building through a simple dialog flow.
PizzaBotWithMemory A step up from the PizzaBot in that it demonstrates how to store user information from prior visits.
CrcPizzaBot Another version of the PizzaBot, but this one shows you how you can incorporate scrolling menus and quick action buttons without having to write a backend service. It’s all in the configuration. Just enter “What’s on the menu?” to get started.
There are some other features that you can explore using the CrcPizzaBot:
  • Text-only support—When your bot runs in a text-only channel like Twilio/SMS, UI elements such as buttons and selection list items may not render. Despite this, users can still use the bot because the auto-number framework assigns numbers to buttons and options. Even though users enter a number instead of tapping an element, it makes no difference to the bot; the components still issue postback actions that track the user’s current context in the conversation. In channels that support buttons and other UI input elements, auto-numbering provides an additional means of input.

  • Handling unexpected user actions—In particular, keeping track of the user context when users scroll back through the conversation and then tap a button or an option that changes their course through the dialog flow (like choosing Pasta after first choosing Pizza in the CrcPizzaBot).


A version of the PizzaBot skill that demonstrates the use of a System.CommonResponse component and composite bag entities. With composite bag entities, the skill doesn't need an elaborate dialog fow to be able to render entity-specific UI elements, execute value-based logic, and store GPS locations.

FinanciaBotwithQnA Another retail bot, but unlike the either of the PizzaBots, this bot shows you how to create a sophisticated dialog that maintains the user state across different transitions. It's also equipped with a Q&A module.
WineBot Similar to the PizzaBot, but for a wine retailer.