Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

View Jobs

The Jobs tab lists all of your current, past, and scheduled jobs. Scheduled jobs are displayed on a separate tab. Each job is classified based on the type of operation that it performs; for example, entitlement, pdfreport, and dataclassification.

To view your jobs:
  1. At the top of the page, click Jobs.
    The Current and Past Jobs tab is displayed by default. The jobs are listed in table format.
  2. View the status of a job in the Status column. The value indicates whether the job is finished, suspended, aborted, or still running.
  3. To view the status history of a job, click the job’s status. The Job Log dialog box displays dates, times, statuses, and task information.
  4. To search for a job, in the search box, enter the operation type of the job (for example, audittrail) and click the magnifying glass button.
    The list is updated based on your search criteria.
  5. To view more detail about a particular job, click a job’s instance ID.
    The Job Details dialog box is displayed and shows you the operation type, the status of the job, the start and end time of the job, and schedule for the job.
  6. To navigate the rows and pages, use the scroll bars and page links at the bottom.
  7. To view scheduled jobs, click the Scheduled Jobs tab.