Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Auto Purge

Activity Auditing enables you to manage audit data by providing auto purge feature which purges audit records in the Oracle Cloud database targets that were created before a specified timestamp, on a regularly scheduled basis.

The auto purge feature is an operation on a target database. When auto purge is enabled on a target database, audit data in the target database is deleted every seven days so that the database's audit trail does not become too large.

Activity Auditing collects audit records stored in database audit trails, batch copies audit data to its own audit table, and purges database audit trail data (if Auto Purge is enabled). It accomplishes this task by creating a cleanup job on the target database and tracking the batch copying activity in the Event Log. For instance, when a batch copy is completed, Oracle Data Safe updates the last archive timestamp in the target database. The cleanup job then deletes audit records that are older than the last archive timestamp.