Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Audit Data Retention

The audit data retention feature helps you to manage the volume of audit data in the audit table in the Oracle Data Safe database.

Activity Auditing collects audit records stored in the audit trails on selected target databases and batch copies the data into its own audit table. This audit table can become large. To keep its size manageable, you can configure the audit data retention policy to retain audit data for a specified number of months. For example, if you specify 8 months, Oracle Data Safe stores audit data up to 8 months back and automatically deletes any data that is older than 8 months. The minimum retention period is 1 month. The maximum is 12 months. You can configure this value on the Settings page.

When you change the retention period, a new retention policy is applied to the incoming data immediately. The change does not affect the existing collected audit data.

A regional Oracle Data Safe service is allowed to collect up to 1 million audit records for each target per month for free. If it reaches the limit, you can configure the service to stop collecting audit data or pay to continue. The default is to continue. Please configure it to stop collecting if you do not want to pay after it reaches the 1 million audit records per target per month limit.

On the Settings page, an Oracle Data Safe administrator can set a global preference for all targets to continue collecting audit data after the limit is reached. Regular users (and Administrators) can set limits on the target databases to which they have access.