Monitor the Service

Throughout the use of your service, you can monitor your service in the following ways.

If you run into problems, you can report issues to Oracle Customer Support.

Monitor Billing and Usage

The Infrastructure Console provides various billing and payment tools that make it easy to monitor your Oracle Content and Experience billing, service costs, and usage.

To view your billing and usage, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud as the cloud account administrator. You can find your account name and login information in your welcome email.
  2. In the Infrastructure Console, click Navigation menu icon, then, under Governance and Administration, expand Account Management, then click one of the following options:
    • Cost Analysis: provides easy-to-use visualization tools to help you track and optimize your spending.
    • Payment Method: easily manage how you pay for your usage.
    • Invoices: view and download invoices for your usage.
    • Budgets: set thresholds for your spending. You can set alerts on your budget to let you know when you might exceed your budget, and you can view all of your budgets and spending from one single place.

      You can also set Oracle Content and Experience-specific billing limits.

    • Usage Report: view comma-separated value (CSV) files that can be used to get detailed breakdowns of resources for audit or invoice reconciliation.

      The first time you access usage reports, you must create a policy in your root compartment. Follow the instructions on the Usage Report page to create the policy, copying the statements as directed.

For more information on the billing and payment tools, see Billing and Payment Tools Overview.

Report Issues

If you run into problems, you can access user assistance, get help from the Oracle Cloud Community, contact support, or start a live online chat with an Oracle Support representative.

In Infrastructure Console, click Help icon to perform the following actions:

  • To access documentation or the Oracle Cloud Community, click one of the links under Help.
  • To view the various ways you can contact Oracle Support, click Contact Support.
  • To start a live online chat with an Oracle Support representative, click Live Chat.