Submitting a Cloud Security Testing Notification

As a service administrator, you can run tests for some Oracle Cloud services. Before running the tests, you must first review the Oracle Cloud Testing Policies section. Follow the steps below to notify Oracle of a penetration and vulnerability test.


You must have an Oracle Account with the necessary privileges to file service maintenance requests, and you must be signed in to the environment that will be the subject of the penetration and vulnerability testing.

  1. Log in to My Services.
  2. From the service tile in the dashboard, click the Action menu, and then select Maintenance and Service Requests.
  3. On the Service Request Details page, select Penetration & Vulnerability Testing from the Request Type list.
  4. Review the information and accept the terms and conditions, and then click Next.

    The available time slots are identified with the text, “Penetration and Vulnerability Testing”.

    You can switch your view to either daily, weekly, monthly, or a list by using the respective buttons on top of the calendar. The view you select is stored as your preference and you’ll be shown the same when you log in the next time.

  5. Select an available slot by clicking Penetration and Vulnerability Testing on a specific date.

    1. Provide technical contact details. If using a third party for testing, then provide the name and email address of the third party.
    2. Specify the testing details, such as duration of testing, purpose, IP addresses, services, and other information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
    3. Click Submit Request.

A service maintenance request is created and is automatically approved. In some cases, we may require your approval to confirm the time slots of your maintenance. Such requests are indicated by the phrase To Review. The status of each filed service maintenance request is color-coded and displayed in the calendar. To view, edit, or cancel your service maintenance request, see Viewing and Editing Service Maintenance Requests. To request a secondary IDCS instance, contact My Oracle Support.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Security Testing.