Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Viewing Images and Image Details

To make sure you pull the correct image or to identify images that you no longer need, you can find out detailed information about the images in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry.

Your permissions control the images in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry that you can view information about. You can view information about images in repositories you've created, and in repositories that the groups to which you belong have been granted access by identity policies. If you belong to the Administrators group, you can view information about images in any repository in the tenancy.

Using the Console

To view images and image details:

  1. In the Console, open the navigation menu. Under Solutions and Platform, go to Developer Services and click Registry.
  2. Choose the registry's region. You see all the repositories in the registry to which you have access.
  3. Click the name of the repository that contains the image you want to see detailed information about. You see all the different images in the repository, along with the tag of each image and when it was pushed to the registry. You can sort the different images by the date they were pushed or by their tag.
  4. Click the image for which you want to see detailed information. The Summary page shows you the size of the image, when it was pushed and by which user, and the number of times the image has been pulled. Use the options on the Summary page as follows:

    • Display the Layers tab to see the SHA¬†message digest of each layer in the selected image.
    • Display the Associated Tags tab to see the full path for the image with the tag you select. Note that if you select a different tag, the summary details change accordingly.
  5. (Optional) If you want to pull an image, click the Download button beside the image name and copy the command shown. The command includes the image name in the format <region-key><tenancy-namespace>/<repo-name>/<image-name>:<tag>. For example, docker pull See Pulling Images Using the Docker CLI.