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Using the CPE Configuration Helper

After you set up VPN Connect, your network engineer must configure the customer-premises equipment (CPE) at your end of the connection (for example, a router). The configuration includes details about your virtual cloud network (VCN) and the IPSec tunnels in the VPN Connect. This topic describes how to use the CPE Configuration Helper in the Oracle Console to generate information that a network engineer uses to configure the CPE. Notice that the CPE Configuration Helper is also referred to as the Helper.

Overview of the Helper

For the IPSec tunnels in a VPN Connect to work, your network engineer must configure your CPE with specific information. The information comes from different sources. Oracle provides some of it in several places within the Oracle Console. The Helper collects the necessary information in one place and then organizes it to make CPE configuration easier for the network engineer. You can copy or download the resulting content to a file.

The configuration information that the network engineer needs depends on which vendor makes the CPE. To ensure that the Helper can produce vendor-specific content, you specify which vendor makes your CPE. See the one-time prerequisite in Using the Helper.

In some cases, the Helper might ask for information about your network and include it in the content. If you don't know the answers, you can leave them blank. The resulting content then uses placeholder variables to show where the network engineer needs to provide the answers.

The content that the Helper produces includes these items:

  • The Oracle VPN headend for the tunnel (the IP address at the Oracle end)
  • The shared secret (pre-shared key) for the tunnel
  • Your VCN's CIDR
  • BGP information (if you're using BGP dynamic routing for the tunnel)
  • The IPSec parameters that Oracle supports
  • Other relevant information

Using the Helper

One-time prerequisite: Specify the CPE vendor
Open the Helper from one of three locations
Generate the content

If You Update Your VPN Connect

You could change aspects of your VPN Connect, and after you do, you might want to generate the Helper content again. For example, imagine that you have an IPSec connection that uses static routing, and you decide to change it to use BGP dynamic routing. After updating the Oracle Console with the new routing information, you can generate the Helper content again for the IPSec connection. You can then give that new content to your network engineer to configure the CPE accordingly.