Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Verified CPE Devices

The following devices or software have been verified for use with VPN Connect.


Oracle provides configuration instructions for the vendors and devices in the following table. Make sure to use the configuration instructions for the correct vendor.

If the device or software version that Oracle used to verify the configuration does not exactly match your device or software, the configuration might still work for you. Consult your vendor's documentation and make any necessary adjustments.

If your device is for a vendor not in the following table, or if you're already familiar with configuring your device for IPSec, see the list of supported IPSec parameters and consult your vendor's documentation for assistance.

Vendor Device Minimum Software Version Configuration
Check Point 2200 or Open Server R80.20 Check Point Configuration Options
Cisco ASA 9.7.1 (recommended) Cisco ASA Configuration Options
Cisco 2921 IOS version 15.4(3)M3 Cisco IOS
FortiGate FortiGate-VM 6.0.4 FortiGate
Furukawa FITELnet-F220/F221 01.00(00)[0]00.00.0 [2019/07/05 15:00] Furukawa Electric
Juniper MX 240 JunOS 15.1 Juniper MX
Juniper SRX 240

JunOS 11.0

Juniper SRX
Libreswan (or Openswan)   3.18 Libreswan
NEC IX3315 10.1.16 NEC IX Series
NEC IX2106 10.1.16 NEC IX Series
Palo Alto PA-500 PanOS version 8.0.0 Palo Alto
WatchGuard Firebox Fireware v12 WatchGuard
Yamaha RTX1210 Firmware Rev.14.01.28 Yamaha RTX Series
Yamaha RTX830 Firmware Rev.15.02.03 Yamaha RTX Series