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Connection Over Oracle Network

This topic describes one way to set up a connection between an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic IP network and an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual cloud network (VCN). The connection runs over Oracle's network.

Another option is to connect the two clouds with an IPSec VPN. For more information, see Connection Over IPSec VPN.


  • You can run a hybrid workload between your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environments.
  • Oracle connects the IP network's private gateway to the VCN's attached dynamic routing gateway (DRG). The connection runs over the Oracle network. You configure routing and security rules in the environments to enable traffic.
  • The two environments must belong to the same company and not have overlapping CIDRs. The cloud resources can communicate over the connection only with private IP addresses.
  • The two environments must both be in the Ashburn area, the London area, or the Sydney area, and in specific regions listed in the next section. Connectivity to other regions is not supported.
  • The connection is free of charge.


You can request Oracle to provision a connection between your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment and your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic environment. The connection facilitates a hybrid deployment with application components that are set up across the two environments. You can also use the connection to migrate workloads from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Compared to an IPSec VPN: the resources in the two environments have a more reliable and consistent network connection, with better throughput, because the traffic uses Oracle's internal links. Compared to FastConnect: you don't incur the additional cost and operational overhead of working with a FastConnect partner.

The following diagram shows an example of a hybrid deployment. Oracle Analytics Cloud is running in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic IP network and accessing the Database service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over the connection.

This diagram shows the connection between an IP network and VCN.

Here are other important details to know:

  • The connection is supported only between these regions:
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Australia East (Sydney) region and the Sydney Classic region
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure US East (Ashburn) region and the Ashburn Classic region
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure UK South (London) region and the Slough Classic region
  • The connection enables communication that uses private IP addresses only.
  • The CIDR blocks of the IP network and VCN subnets that need to communicate must not overlap.
  • The IP network and VCN must belong to the same company. Oracle validates this when setting up the connection.
  • This connection enables communication only between resources in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic IP network and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN. It does not enable traffic between your on-premises network through the IP network to the VCN, or from your on-premises network through the VCN to the IP network.
  • The connection also does not enable traffic to flow from the IP network through the connected VCN to a peered VCN in the same Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region, or a different region.

The following table lists the comparable networking components required on each side of the connection.

Component Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud network IP network VCN
Gateway private gateway dynamic routing gateway (DRG)
Routing routes route tables with route rules
Security rules security rules network security groups, security lists

Connecting Your IP Network and VCN

The following flow chart shows the overall process of connecting your IP network and VCN.

This flow chart shows the steps for connecting your IP network and VCN


You must already have:

Task 1: Set up a private gateway for your IP network
Task 2: Set up a dynamic routing gateway (DRG) for your VCN
Task 3: Configure route tables
Task 4: Configure the security rules
Task 5: Create a My Oracle Support ticket
Task 6: Test the connection

Terminating the Connection

If you want to terminate the connection, file a ticket at My Oracle Support.