Details for the Announcements Service

This topic covers details for writing policies to control access to the Announcements service.


  • announcements

Supported Variables

Only the general variables are supported (see General Variables for All Requests).

Details for Verb + Resource-Type Combinations

The following tables show the permissions and API operations covered by each verb. The level of access is cumulative as you go from inspect > read > use > manage. A plus sign (+) in a table cell indicates incremental access compared to the cell directly above it, whereas "no extra" indicates no incremental access.

For example, the read verb for the announcements resource-type includes the same permissions and API operations as the inspect verb, plus the ANNOUNCEMENT_READ permission and an additional API peration, GetAnnouncement. However, the use verb and manage verbs cover no extra permissions or API operations compared to read.


Permissions Required for Each API Operation

The following table lists the API operations in a logical order, grouped by resource type.

For information about permissions, see Permissions.

API Operation Permissions Required to Use the Operation