Checking Your Balance and Usage

This topic describes how to analyze the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure costs associated with your account.

Required IAM Policy

To enable users to monitor the costs associated with this account, you will have to grant them access by writing a policy . If you're new to policies, see Getting Started with Policies and Common Policies.

The following policy statement gives users in a specified group the ability to analyze costs in the tenancy:

Let users analyze costs

Working with Costs Analysis Tools


There are two versions of the Cost Analysis tool: The Classic Version interface described below, and the Latest Version interface. When you log in to the Console and select Account Management and go to Cost Analysis, the Latest Version of the Cost Analysis tool is displayed by default. Click Switch to Classic Version if you prefer the Classic version of the tool. When switching from the Latest Version to Classic Version, any inputs you have made are not maintained. For more information on the Cost Analysis tools, see Cost Analysis Overview.

To filter costs by dates
To filter costs by tags
To filter costs by compartments
To remove a compartment or tag filter