Changing Oracle Functions Default Behavior

You can change several aspects of Oracle Functions default behavior using configuration parameters and environment variables.

Depending on the parameter, you can override a default value by specifying an alternative value in the following ways (note the order of precedence):

  • by adding an entry to the func.yaml file (which overrides default values)
  • by explicitly setting an environment variable (which overrides values set in the func.yaml file)
  • by including a command option when you invoke the function using the Fn Project CLI (which overrides values set in environment variables or in the func.yaml file)

The following table indicates the parameters you can set, the default value, and where the default value can be overridden.

Parameter Description Default Value Units



Environment Variable Fn CLI option Notes
Maximum time a function will be allowed to run 30 Seconds timeout n/a n/a Maximum value: 120
Maximum memory threshold for a function 128 MB memory FN_MEMORY n/a

One of:

  • 128
  • 256
  • 512
  • 1024

If this limit is exceeded during execution, the function is stopped and an error message is logged.

For more information about the above parameters, and other configuration parameters, see Func files in the Fn Project documentation.