Access to File System using UNC Path is Slow or Fails


Before proceeding with troubleshooting, be sure to implement the following prerequisites for connecting to file systems from Windows instances:

Symptom 1: Windows NFS connection to a file system using a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path is significantly delayed or fails. The effect is intermittent.

Symptom 2 : Mount fails using Windows NFS connection with "Network Error 53 "Network path not found".

Cause: By default, Windows network providers have higher priority than the client for NFS network provider. Initially, the delay as Windows tries each provider in the default order is significant. Subsequent attempts may be faster because the mount information is cached. After the cache times out, the delay increases again. The native Windows file system client called Distributed File System (DFS) is also given default priority over NFS client, increasing the delay.

Solution: Change the network provider order and disable the DFS client so that the client for NFS Network provider is tried first.

For reference, see:

To change the network provider order and disable the DFS client on Windows 2012+