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Cannot Delete VCN- Mount Target VNIC Still Attached

A mount target is an NFS endpoint that lives in a VCN subnet of your choice and provides network access for the file systems that it exports. Each mount target has a VNIC to enable network access. Mount target VNICs that remain in a VCN must be deleted before you can delete the VCN.

Deleting a mount target also deletes all of the exports of associated file systems that exist in its export set. Data in the file systems is not affected, but the file systems are no longer available through the deleted mount target. You can create new exports for the file system in a different mount target and subnet.

For more information, see Managing Mount Targets.

To resolve this issue using the Console
To resolve this issue using the API
To resolve this issue using the CLI

If you still can't delete the VCN, be sure there are no other resources remaining in the VCN that might prevent it. For more information, see Subnet or VCN Deletion.