Mount Command Fails

The export path of a file system must be correctly represented in your mount command, or the mount will fail.

The export path is specified when you create an export for the file system in a mount target. It uniquely identifies the file system within the mount target, letting you associate multiple file systems to a single mount target. The export path is appended to the mount target IP address, and used to mount the file system.

sudo mount /mnt/mountpointA

In this example, is the mount target IP address, and /example/path is the export path. /mnt/mountpointA is the path to the directory on the client instance on which the external file system is mounted.


You can find all the export paths for a file system in the Exports list shown in its Details page, together with associated mount target information.

  • You can obtain the correct export path by copying mount commands directly from the file system export. These commands minimize the chance of a typing error. See To get mount command samples for more information.
  • If one file system associated with a mount target uses an export path of '/' , it will prevent you from associating more file systems with that mount target. No two file systems associated with the same mount target can have an export path that contains a complete path of the other.

See Paths in File Systems for more information.