Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Configure SPF

The Approved Senders section within the Console provides validation of an SPF record for each of your approved senders.

Using the Console

To configure SPF

  1. Open the navigation menu. Under Solutions and Platform, go to Email Delivery and click Email Approved Senders.

  2. Select the checkbox for the approved sender you want to view SPF details for and click View SPF.


    You can search for an approved sender by using the Search field. Addresses can be sorted alphanumerically or by creation date in ascending or descending order.
  3. The Manage SPF dialog box appears indicating whether an SPF record for the approved sender exists.

    • If your domain does not currently have an SPF record, the information necessary to add an SPF record in your DNS setup is displayed. See Managing DNS Service Zones for instructions on adding a zone record in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. If your DNS setup resides with another provider, please reference their documentation for adding a TXT record to your domain.
      • In your DNS setup, create a TXT record and paste the following information from the dialog box into the record: v=spf1 -all
    • If your domain currently has an SPF record, add the following information to the record to add Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery: