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Integrating PeopleSoft with Email Delivery

Configure PeopleSoft to Send Email Through Email Delivery

You can use PeopleSoft to send emails through Email Delivery. Before you use PeopleSoft, you must configure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery in your PeopleSoft application.


The following steps require familiarity with PeopleSoft documentation. (This link points to PeopleTools 8.57, which is the latest version at the time this article was published. Please refer to the documentation for your specific PeopleTools version.)

To enable PeopleSoft to integrate with Email Delivery:

  1. Make sure Email Delivery is configured to send email. See Getting Started with Email Delivery.


SMTP credentials are required to configure PeopleSoft to use Email Delivery. Be sure to note the user name and password when you generate the SMTP credentials.

  1. Open a Chrome browser and navigate to the SMTP connection endpoint (for example,

    1. Click the certificate, and then click the Certification Path tab.
    2. Select the DigiCert root certificate.
    3. Click View Certificate.
    4. Click the Details tab for the Digitrust certificate, and then select Copy to File.
    5. Select Base-64 X-509.
    6. Save the certificate.
  2. Repeat the steps above for the Digicert SHA2 Secure Server CA intermediate certificate.
  3. Add the certificates to the PeopleSoft application.

    Log into the Pure Internet Architecture (PIA) as user "PS" and import the certificates into the target environment. See Installing Application Server-Based Digital Certificates and refer to the Adding CA Authorities and Installing Root Certificates section.

  4. Encrypt the SMTP password in the config file.

    You can encrypt the SMTP password using the PIA or the PSCipher utility.

    Using the PIA

    1. Open the navigation menu on the PeopleSoft dashboard. Go to PeopleTools, and then select Integration Broker.
    2. Select Configuration, and then click Gateways. Select the default LOCAL gateway.
    3. Click Gateway Setup Properties. The default user ID is administrator and the default password is the password selected during setup.
    4. Click the Advanced Properties Page link.
    5. Click Password Encryption at the bottom of the page. This is where you will encrypt your password.

    Using PSCipher

    The PSCipher utility can be found under $PS_CFG_HOME/webserv/<DOMAIN>/piabin where <DOMAIN> is your web server domain.

    Run the following command:

    ./ <password>

The password can have special characters so you will need to enclose the password in single quotes. For example:
./ '#rpassword$){'

  1. Update the SMTP settings on the PeopleSoft Application server. For more information, see SMTP Settings in the PeopleSoft documentation.

    Establish an ssh connection to the PeopleSoft Application server machine (as username "opc") and do the following:

  1. Switch user to psadm2 (for example, sudo su - psadm2).

psadm2 is the PeopleTools domain user who creates and configures the Application Server domain.

  1. Navigate to the Appserver configuration directory.

    Run the following command:

    $ cd $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/APPDOM
  2. Back up the original psappsrv.cfg file.
  3. Add the following information to the psappsrv.cfg file:

    SMTPServer=<SMTP connection endpoint>
    SMTPUserName=<username from SMTP credentials>
    SMTPUserPassword=<encrypted SMTP password>

Do not include a space between the "=" and the values because the space could be counted in the value for the password, causing an authentication failure.

  1. Add the primary email address for the PeopleSoft application user who is trying to send notification from within the application. In this example, the user is "PS".

    Log in as "PS" and do the following:

  1. Open the navigation menu on the PeopleSoft dashboard. Go to PeopleTools, and then select Security.
  2. Select User Profiles, and then click user Profiles. Find the profile for "PS".
  3. On the General tab, click Edit Email Addresses.
  4. Enter the approved sender email address as the primary email address.
  1. Log out of the PeopleSoft application.
  2. Reboot the application server using the PSADMIN utility. See Using the Application Server Administration Menu.
  3. Test the email notification delivery.

    Log into the PIA as "PS", and select Notify anywhere in the console. For example, you can do the following:

    1. Go to Peopletools, and then select Web Profile.
    2. Select Web Profile Configuration.
    3. Click Search, and then click PROD in the search results.
    4. Click Notify, enter the notification details, and then click OK.

    Confirm receipt of the test email.

To debug SMTP errors (optional):

  1. You can add the following parameter to help with SMTP debugging: SMTPTrace=1

    LogFence should be set to 5 to use this parameter. The system writes the log information to SMTP<DDMM>.log in %PS_SERVDIR%/LOGS by default, or the custom value set for Log Directory.

    For example:

  2. After you set this parameter, you will need to reboot the Application server. Once this parameter is set, you can monitor the SMTP log.
  3. Type ls and find the SMTP file for the date you sent the email.
  4. Run the following command:

    tail -f <smtp log file and date>

    For example,

    tail -f SMTP9_17.log

    Search for any errors in the output.

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