Updating a DB System


This topic is not applicable to Exadata DB systems. For information on how to update an Exadata DB system, see Updating an Exadata DB System

This topic includes information and instructions on how to update the OS of a bare metal or virtual machine DB system.


  • Review all of the information before you begin updating the system. Updating the operating system through methods not described on this page can cause permanent loss of access.
  • Always back up your databases prior to updating your DB system's operating system.

Bash Profile Updates

Do not add interactive commands such as oraenv, or commands that might return an error or warning message, to the .bash_profile file for the grid or oracle users. Adding such commands can prevent Database service operations from functioning properly.

Essential Firewall Rules

For a 1-node DB system or 2-node RAC DB system, do not remove or modify the following firewall rules in /etc/sysconfig/iptables:

  • The firewall rules for ports 1521, 7070, and 7060 allow the Database service to manage the DB system. Removing or modifying them can result in the Database Service no longer operating properly.
  • The firewall rules for and prevent non-root users from escalating privileges and tampering with the system’s boot volume and boot process. Removing or modifying these rules can allow non-root users to modify the system's boot volume.

OS Updates

Before you update the OS, review the following important guidelines and information:

  • Back up your DB system's databases prior to attempting an OS update.
  • Do not remove packages from a DB system. However, you might have to remove custom RPMs (packages that were installed after the system was provisioned) for the update to complete successfully.


    Do not install NetworkManager on the DB system. Installing this package and rebooting the system results in severe loss of access to the system.

  • Oracle recommends that you test any updates thoroughly before updating a production system.
  • The image used to launch a DB system is updated regularly with the necessary patches. After you launch a DB system, you are responsible for applying the required OS security updates published through the Oracle public YUM server.
  • To apply OS updates, the DB system's VCN  must be configured to allow access to the YUM repository. For more information, see Network Setup for DB Systems.
To update an OL7 OS on a DB system host
To update an OL6 OS on a DB system host

For information about applying Oracle database patches to a DB system, see Patching a DB System.