Using the dbaascli Utility on Exadata Cloud at Customer

This topic describes the facilities provided by the dbaascli utility on Exadata Cloud at Customer.

You can use the dbaascli utility to perform various database life-cycle and administration operations on Exadata Cloud at Customer such as changing the password of a database user, starting a database, managing pluggable databases (PDBs), and more. The capabilities of the dbaascli utility are in addition to, and separate from, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, API, or CLI.

To use the utility, you must be connected to an Exadata Cloud at Customer compute node. See Connecting to a Compute Node with SSH.

Many dbaascli commands can be run as the oracle user, but some commands require root administrator privileges. The following outlines the specific requirements for each command.

Command Reference

dbaascli database bounce
dbaascli database changepassword
dbaascli database move
dbaascli database start
dbaascli database status
dbaascli database stop
dbaascli database update
dbaascli dbhome info
dbaascli dbhome purge
dbaascli dbimage list
dbaascli listener bounce
dbaascli listener start
dbaascli listener status
dbaascli listener stop
dbaascli patch db apply
dbaascli patch db list
dbaascli patch db prereq
dbaascli patch db switchback
dbaascli patch tools apply
dbaascli patch tools list
dbaascli pdb checkdb
dbaascli pdb checknode
dbaascli pdb checkpdb
dbaascli pdb close
dbaascli pdb connect_info
dbaascli pdb connect_string
dbaascli pdb create
dbaascli pdb delete
dbaascli pdb info
dbaascli pdb local_clone
dbaascli pdb open
dbaascli pdb remote_clone
dbaascli pdb rename
dbaascli pdb resize
dbaascli pdb start_service
dbaascli tde rotate masterkey
dbaascli tde status