Autonomous Database Development and Administration Tools

This topic describes the Oracle Database tools available for Autonomous Database using the Console and how to access them using the Console. The following tools can be accessed directly from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console:


Autonomous Databases using a private endpoint do not currently offer access to SQL Developer Web, Application Express (APEX) and Oracle Machine Learning User Administration.


Autonomous Database supports a range of other Oracle and third-party tools and applications. See Autonomous Data Warehouse Tools and Application Test Matrix to learn about other tools you can use with your Autonomous Database.

For Autonomous Databases on shared Exadata infrastructure, additional tools can be accessed through the Service Console.

Oracle SQL Developer Web

Oracle SQL Developer Web in Autonomous Data Warehouse provides a development environment and a data modeler interface for Autonomous Databases. SQL Developer Web is available for databases with both the dedicated Exadata infrastructure and shared Exadata infrastructure deployment options.

The main features of SQL Developer Web are:

  • Run SQL statements and scripts in the worksheet
  • Export data
  • Design Data Modeler diagrams using existing objects

SQL Developer Web is a browser-based interface of Oracle SQL Developer and provides a subset of the features of the desktop version.

For more information, see the Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse user guides. Each guide contain a section on using SQL Developer Web with Autonomous Databases. Use the following links:

Complete product information can be found in About Oracle SQL Developer Web.

Oracle Application Express

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise applications with world-class features that can be deployed anywhere. APEX provides you with an easy-to-use browser-based environment to load data, manage database objects, develop REST interfaces, and rapidly build applications for both desktop and mobile devices.

Oracle Application Express is available for databases with both the dedicated Exadata infrastructure and shared Exadata infrastructuredeployment options.

See Oracle Application Express

For complete information, see the APEX topics in the Autonomous Transaction Processing and the Autonomous Data Warehouse user guides. Use the following links:

Oracle Machine Learning User Administration

Oracle Machine Learning is a collaborative web-based interface that provides a development environment to create data mining notebooks where you can perform data analytics, data discovery and data visualizations. Using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, you can quickly get to the Oracle Machine Learning User Administration interface to create and manage users.

Machine Learning is currently available for databases with shared Exadata infrastructure only.

Using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console

For Autonomous Databases on Shared Exadata Infrastructure

To access Oracle SQL Developer Web
To access Oracle Application Express (APEX)
To access Oracle Machine Learning's User Administration Interface

For Autonomous Databases on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure

The Console provides access URLs for Application Express (APEX) and SQL Developer Web that you can use to connect to these applications. The URLs only work from browsers within the same VCN as the Autonomous Database being accessed by the applications. Therefore, to use these URLs, you will need to open a browser running on a computer that meets one of the following conditions:

  • The computer is a Compute instance is provisioned in the VCN of the Autonomous Database.
  • The computer has a direct connection to the VCN of the Autonomous Database

To access APEX or SQL Developer Web, paste the appropriate access URL into the browser's address field, and then provide the Autonomous Database username and password when prompted. For more information on APEX, see the APEX documentation. For more information on SQL Developer Web, see Oracle SQL Developer Web.

The following tasks explain how to obtain an access URLs for APEX and SQL Developer Web.

To obtain the access URL for Oracle SQL Developer Web for an Autonomous Database on dedicated Exadata infrastructure
To obtain the access URLs for Oracle Application Express (APEX) for an Autonomous Database on dedicated Exadata infrastructure