Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

DB System Time Zone

The Time Zone field in the Console and in the API allows you to launch a bare metal, virtual machine, or Exadata DB system with a time zone other than UTC (the default). Although UTC is the recommended time zone to use, having a common time zone for your database clients and application hosts can simplify management and troubleshooting for the database administrator.

The time zone that you specify when you create the DB system applies to the host and to the Oracle Grid Infrastructure (if the system has Grid Infrastructure), and controls the time zone of the database log files. The time zone of the database itself is not affected, however, the database’s time zone affects only the timestamp datatype. You can change the database time zone manually but Oracle recommends that you keep it as UTC (the default) to avoid data conversion and improve performance when data is transferred among databases. This configuration is especially important for distributed databases, replication, and export and import operations.

Time Zone Options

Whether you use the Console or the API, the time zone options you can select from are represented in the named region format, for example, America/Los_Angeles. The Console allows you to select UTC, the time zone detected in your browser (if your browser supports time zone detection), or an alternate time zone.

To specify an alternate time zone (the Select another time zone option), you first select a value in the Region or country field to narrow the list of time zones to select from in the Time zone field. In the America/Los_Angeles example, America is the time region and Los_Angeles is the time zone. The options you see in these two fields roughly correlate with the time zones supported in both the Java.util.TimeZone class and on the Linux operating system. If you do not see the time zone you are looking for, try selecting "Miscellaneous" in the Region and country field.


If you are using the API and would like to see a list of supported time zones, you can examine the time zone options in the Console. These options appear on the Create DB System page when you show advanced options after you select a DB system shape.

Changing Time Zones After Provisioning

Follow these steps if you need to change the time zone of the DB system host, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, or database, after you launch the DB system:

To change the time zone of the host on DB systems that use Grid Infrastructure
To change the time zone of the host on DB systems that use Logical Volume Manager
To change the time zone of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure
To change the time zone of a database