Shipping the Import Appliance

Ship phase indicator for appliance transfer

This topic describes the tasks associated with shipping the import appliance containing the copied data to Oracle. The Infrastructure Engineer role typically performs these tasks. See Roles and Responsibilities.


You can only run Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI commands from a Linux host. This differs from running CLI commands for other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services on a variety of host operating systems. Appliance-based commands require validation that is only available on Linux hosts.

Shutting Down the Import Appliance

Shut down the import appliance before packing up and shipping the appliance back to Oracle.

To shut down the import appliance

Using the terminal emulator on the host machine, select Shutdown from the appliance serial console.


The shutdown does not power off the appliance. Wait 10 minutes after issuing the shutdown, then turn the power switch off and disconnect the power cable.

Packing and Shipping the Import Appliance to Oracle

Return the import appliance to Oracle within 30 days. If you need the appliance beyond the standard 30-day window, you can file a Service Request (SR) to ask for an extension of up to 60 days.


Review and follow the instructions that were provided in the transit case with the appliance.
To pack and ship the import appliance
  1. Unplug the power cord from the power source and detach the other end of the cord from the appliance.
  2. Disconnect the appliance from your network.
  3. Remove the return shipment tamper-evident security tie from the transit case.
  4. Place the appliance, power cord, and serial cable in the transit case.


    We recommend assistance lifting and placing the appliance back into the transit case. The total shipping weight is about 64 lbs (29.0299 kg) and appliance weight is 38 lbs (17.2365 kg).
  5. Close and secure the transit case with the return tamper-evident security tie.
  6. Loop the top of the plastic tie-on tag with return shipping label through the handle of the transit case. Remove the protective tape from the back of the tie-on tag, exposing the adhesive area on which to secure the tag onto itself. Use the provided zip tie to secure the tie-on tag to the handle.

  7. Return the transit case to FedEx by doing one of the following:

    • Drop off the packed, sealed, and labeled transit case to an FedEx Authorized ShipCenter location or a nearby FedEx Office location. Obtain a receipt from the vendor to certify transfer of custody.

    • Schedule a pickup with FedEx at your location. Ensure that the transit case is packed, sealed, and labeled before FedEx arrives for pickup.

The shipping vendor notifies Oracle when the appliance is shipped back to Oracle for upload to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage.