The ocid Daemon


The ocid daemon is the service component of the oci-utils. It monitors for changes in the VNIC and iSCSI configuration of the instance and attempts to automatically attach or detach devices as they appear or disappear - for example, when they are created or deleted using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, the command line interface (CLI), or the API.


The ocid daemon requires root privileges. You can configure root privileges for ocid using one of the following methods:

  • Run the oci setup config configuration command as root to create SDK configuration files for the host. For more information, see SDK and CLI Configuration File.
  • Use instance principals by adding the instance to a dynamic group that was granted access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. For more information, see Managing Dynamic Groups.
  • Configure oci-utils to allow root to use a non-privileged user's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure configuration files. For more information, see the configuration file located in the /etc/oci-utils.conf.d directory of the instance.


To start the ocid daemon using systemd:

service ocid start

To set ocid to start automatically during system boot:

sudo systemctl enable ocid.service