Troubleshooting the CLI

This topic describes how to resolve issues that you might encounter when installing Python or the CLI, or when using the CLI.

Service Errors

Any operation resulting in a service error causes an error of type "ServiceError" to be returned by the CLI. For information about common service errors that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure returns, see API Errors.

Oracle Linux Permissions Issues

On Oracle Linux 7.3, if you encounter permission issues when running pip install, you might need to use sudo.

oci Command Not Found

If the oci command isn't found, this can be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • pip installed the package to a different virtual environment than your active one.
  • You switched to a different active virtual environment after you installed the CLI.

To determine where the CLI is installed, run the which pip and which oci commands.

Wheel File Won't Install

If the wheel file won't install, verify that pip is up to date. To update pip, run the pip install -U pip command. Try to install the wheel again.

Windows Issues

If the oci command isn't found, make sure that the oci.exe location is in your path (for example, the Scripts directory in your Python installation).

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